All About What To Wear on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast What To WearPack swim wear! Even the cooler winter months offer warm weather during the day.

Most Queenslanders dress quite casually, although the dress code in some golf courses, restaurants, hotels and bars is smart-casual or formal. You can usually wear thongs (flip flops) anywhere, but once again some places, especially bars and nightclubs, may only allow you in if you have closed or more formal shoes.

You can wear lightweight clothing all year round; however, bring something warm to slip on at night as the temperature drops during winter.

The Sunshine Coast hinterland area tends to be cooler and occassionally wetter than the coast, so be prepared with a jacket and a heavier coat in the winter months.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes when walking in the National Parks. Consider wearing long-sleeved clothing and don’t forget the insect repellent.