All About Sunshine Coast Climate

Sunshine Coast ClimateThe subtropical Sunshine Coast enjoys plenty of sunshine – an average of 7 hours each day, 300 days each year.

Winters are mild and dry and summers can be quite warm, with most rain falling in brief stormy showers in the late afternoon or evening.

Average Temperatures

Spring September to November 13-25°C / 55-77°F
Summer December to February 17- 28°C / 63-82°F
Autumn March to May 13-25°C / 55-77°F
Winter June to August 7-22°C / 45-72°F


Spring | Sunshine CoastThis period is also a popular season on the Sunshine Coast where you will find the average temperature will range between 17-25°C. It is a great time to travel with the minimum chance of rain and the skies are generally cloud free. Spring on the Sunshine Coast is also known as ‘Wedding Season’ as brides and grooms step out and onto the beach for their wedding due to low rain fall and the Aussie scorching weather is not quite in full swing.


Summer | Sunshine CoastJanuary is wet season for the Sunshine Coast but most days are clear as the rain tends to fall over night. The farmers love this as their gardens and crops get a well needed drink during the hot summer. The average temperature ranges between 25-30° C and the rainfall almost doubles the amount we receive during a typical Winter season. The weather is perfect for water activities and checking out some of the beautiful Sunshine Coast Beaches. Remember the sun can be very harful to your skin so take precautions and wear sunscreen, a hat and keep hydrated.


Autumn | Sunshine CoastDuring this season we enjoy slightly cooler temperatures with beautiful clear skies and the wet season slows down in time for winter. Nature lovers and photographers enjoy taking photos as the rain is not bucket heavy, but just enough to keep the beautiful waterfalls flowing, so you can get your camera out. This season is also great for fishing and there are plenty of boats to hire all over the Sunshine Coast for your convenience. If there is a bit of rainfall, do not let it get in your way! The Sunshine Coast is always fun regardless of the weather and there are plenty of rainy day activities.


Winter | Sunshine CoastThis period is popular for our international visitors as the weather is beginning to warm up again but its not too cold! If you are not used to extremely hot weather this is a good time to visit as you won’t be blown away by hot Aussie temperatures at this time. The average temperature on an Australian winters day is around 22°C. It is peak time for Sunshine Coast attractions and accommodation so be sure to have booked well in advance for this season.